huh. i was just talking to a friend about his situation yesterday, which made me re-realize/wonder if i’m depressed. like actually.  maybe more dysthymia might be more accurate, since there’s “brief periods of normal mood”… but anyway. i’ve definitely been sleeping/wanting to sleep a lot more, which I don’t think is only the caused by my late sleeping habits, as regardless of when I sleep, I wake up feeling the same kind of lethargy and lack of energy.  plus insomnia itself is also a sign. i do notice a sense of hopelessness a lot whenever people ask me about my life/work, and i’ve definitely lost interest in most things, and am very much more so irritable/agitated at stuff that normally i would just let slide. bleh.

i guess that at least makes me feel minuscule-y better about the fact that i’ve been so freaking slow at accomplishing ANYTHING relating to my research. ugh.