OMG WAS ACTUALLY PRODUCTIVE TODAY!!! Finally finished up the methods and results/figures/tables of my paper today and it FEELS SO GOOD.  TIME TO SHOWER AND CELEBRATE :DDD  Though not too much time to celebrate since I have another abstract I need to do by May 2, have the rest of the paper to completely revise, need to figure out my new specific aims for committee, need to set up the committee meeting, possibly make a new poster… and yeah… all by early/mid May. Yeep.  But yeah. This must be what they mean when they talk about having a “real” break because it’s well-earned. XD  Definitely feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders and am actually in the mood to be even more productive, which has been so rare lately. Yay!  Maybe I’ll actually get around to editing those cosplay photos from the gardens like… literally a month ago now @___@ T__T.  Also finished that 3-in-1 book on the Temeraire series last night, which is cool since I haven’t read a new series in a long time. 😀  Oki, bye!