SPOILERS for reals

so.. yeah. latest chapter, 483, the seven stars. HOLY CRACK.  I actually got chills reading the last page, and i’ve never gotten chills for anything before, at least that i can recall.  but yeah. i knew, based on the previous chapter and the title of this week’s that it was probably going to be jellal going all out on the historia guy for messing up erza with his grand chariot, but… did not expect that mashima would also, in the same chapter, reveal erza’s mom. like… i thought there might be a flashback later or something, but the fact that 1) she’s still alive, and 2), she’s one of the spriggan 12, is crazy!!! i guess i wasn’t counting, but had assumed we’d met all of the spriggan 12 already. @___@ it makes sense why erza never knew her mom i guess if she had left for alvarez when erza was young, or maybe abandoned erza or something but… @_________@. at least we know erza’s last name now i guess (and it’s not knightwalker lol). eileen (or irene in some translations, not sure which is accurate yet) looks rather like a norn lol, and it’s interesting that her moniker is also scarlet something (“Scarlet Despair”), and of course, she’s also the strongest woman in the spriggan 12, much like erza is the strongest woman in FT. oh man, that reunion is going to be a crazy battle/storm of emotions T______T.

i also stand by my statement… jellal better not die, or i will be SO upset. i have this bad feeling it’s going to be something like getting stabbed as eileen tries to kill erza (or worse, doing it to protect erza from landing a killing blow to her mom) and he’ll say something to the effect of mothers and daughters shouldn’t be fighting, and urging erza for forgiveness, and then dying (or just being very wounded)… lol i hope not though. that would suck. T__T.