Whoo~!  Just caught up on Ao No Exorcist – not bad, not bad. (finished the anime a couple days ago and read the manga starting a day or two ago). it’s interesting though – first manga where there are clear pages that haven’t been finished (like they’re still sketches), b/c apparently the author couldn’t finish on time.

also finally got rid of the windows 10 notifications, and updated a ton of stuff (restarted computer like 5x T__T) but at least now it’s a lot faster. mouse is still having weird problems where it’ll randomly stop working once a day though, which is annoying. hopefully these updates will fix it.

got my CIRTL certificate at the first annual CIRTL ceremony today, whoo. also got approached by a professor from an online course who introduced herself to me and i was like did i take your class? o.0 and she was like yes you did. and then i remembered vaguely, and it was super awkward T___T so shot her an e-mail after and thankfully she understood. but yeah. i guess she remembered my name b/c i apparently got the highest grade in the course 0.o (we’d never seen each other in person before). so yeah, that happened.

can’t figure out how to deal with this microbiome data argh. like i can’t even figure out how to put everything in a spreadsheet that makes sense for statistical analysis >.<. blah.