oh yeah! also got my first figurine today as a souvenir! ^.^  other than alan getting me some piano music and a sesshoumaru keychain (which sadly got lost sometime last year T___T – had it for like 8-9 years) from taiwan a long time ago, and the stuff sis brought us back from peru, (and japan, though it got confiscated T__T), and parents when we were younger, i haven’t had anyone bring something back for me from a trip. so i really treasure these kinds of things. this one was from john, who brought back a cute kakashi figure from china. he’s holding the two bells in his hand, and the mini stand it’s on also has bells on it. so cute! ^.^ he said he was gonna try to get some others like itachi too, but they didn’t look as good.  but yeah, just knowing that he remembered me and my favorite characters made me really happy ^.^ lol i’m so easily pleased.

ladsldfia;leih;alehitlwhi so much stuff due early next week and so many things happening this weekend (friends coming from out of town for graduation, other friends leaving so last get-together type thing with them, and starting the new small group thing w/ cosplay people, etc). T___T. love how things always happen like that *sigh*. ah wells.