you know what kinda bugs me? people (especially those who don’t know you very well) who assume they know what you are or are not going to do.  for example:

me: i’m going to hold off doing this until a couple months go by
them: no you’re not. you’re going to do it way earlier.

… like excuse you? do you think you know me?  or

me: so and so is a good friend of mine, and i’m closer to them than i am to you.
them: no you’re not.

… i think i would know who i’m closer to between the two of you better than you would. just sayin’.

sigh. there’s a reason why i still consider (most, if not all) cosplay friends as just that and not much more.  i was actually thinking about that earlier today, wonder if it was wrong to think them in a separate category of friendship, but then things like this happen and i’m like welp, i guess i’m sorta justified in my thinking, at least as things stand now. lol.

ANYWAYS.  abstract deadline got extended by a week tonight – SWEET.