today was awesome – good day with good people. went to a friend’s graduation ceremony this morning for her phd, and found out a couple other people i knew also were graduating today, so it was cool seeing that ^.^  congrats you guys!

then went to the library to return a book and ended up checking out like 10 more (with at least half of them being fat books of epic proportions T__T). also got into a discussion with a cosplay friend about christianity – not sure i came across very well compared to what i intended T__T but at least it was an interesting talk

then had a really fun rest of the day – went to the locked in session with my med/dental school friends and we solved the hardest one with over 8 minutes to spare! (yeah yeah, would have been faster if we’d used the hints earlier, but darnit, i like being able to solve things w/o hints! feels more of an accomplishment that way XD).

then we went to try out the new mr. chen’s on greensprings, and the new asian market!!! omgosh it makes me SO happy – almost 99 ranch level asian market! i mean, still a lot smaller, but many times bigger than the biggest one we had before. :DDD and the food was a lot better than the old branch as well (probably b/c the original owner is now with this one).

then we went to cherie’s to play bang! and i finally busted out the new game spencer gave me a while back called Legend of the Three Kingdoms, which is essentially like Bang in gameplay, but more intricate (and set in China, of course :P). we all had a lot of fun ^.^ i’m so sad most of them are leaving in a month T___T, but it sounds like we might be able to squeeze in one last hurrah before they all split up, so looking forward to that!

ok time to sleep or i won’t be awake for church/leading small group tomorrow. may God give me copious amounts of wisdom and strength and facilitation skills, because i’m really going to need it @___@. night!