super happy right now. ^.^  the rice came out PERFECTLY today – just the right amount of hardness/springyness ^.^  and made 3 dishes that all came out just right – the zucchini is sweet but firm, the meat dish’s pork is just right in tenderness (albeit a little on the soy-sauce-y side in taste), and the broccoli and onions are just the right shade of green without being too squishy or raw, and the eggs and tomatoes are good too (used coconut oil today which enhanced the flavor pretty strongly, but still pretty good). i even took a picture to commemorate since all the colors are so pretty together. OM NOM NOM. sometimes, it’s the simple things in life.

also was semi productive today, which helps in mood i suppose. 🙂  things really do feel better when you’ve got at least some work done.