ok, officially screwed myself over after discovering all these kuroko no basuke extras… T__T there are NG shuu’s (which i assume means NG = no good b/c they’re essentially “bloopers”), as well as the fan disc 2, and now i’ve discovered they’ve done whole albums of songs in character voices and it’s gonna take me hours to listen to all of them and T___T.  i also like most of them, which is what makes it difficult. also, apparently the guy who voices kuroko actually sings some of the opening/ending songs @__@.  they are all so freaking talented.  like they talk about the “triple threat” in performance – acting, singing, and dancing… but it seems like a lot of (voice) actors in japan can also sing pretty well, and many can also dance/act. @__@ not sure if that’s an industry standard/training process there that is different here or not, but yeah. pretty impressed.

and yeah, i definitely like kise haha. but kuroko’s singing voice is one of the smoothest 0.o

also realized i have a thing for guys with deeper voices i think, which is why it’s all the weirder why i like kise since his voice is pitched fairly high, and has a little lisp or affected accent, that almost leans towards a nasally tone – something i’m not prone to liking. i guess i just really like his personality, and i guess the fact that he’s pretty cute helps. XD

… still can’t believe his counterpart who i really don’t like, oikawa, has the same freaking voice actor as jellal. ~.~||

… speaking of… i wonder if FT has any CD’s out like this… i seem to recall a CD back cover with jellal/erza on it…! and same w/ haikyuu.. hm.