omg kurobas cup 2013 is so freaking cute. i guess it was right after season 1 finished since they keep talking about what will happen in the 2nd season. the previous teiko members just talked about how they want to finally win (and then the VA for aomine was like, i already won XD).  hahaha. i love it when they talk as if they were the actual characters, which the teiko members did a lot during their introductions haha.  also dude, the VA’s for takao and midorima are like… basically actually those characters in real life (or are amazing at acting/staying in character LOL). their interactions are just so spot on, with takao constantly teasing “shin-chan” and being affectionate while midorima keeps being his tsundere self lol. it’s awesome.  also kise’s VA was so cute haha. he introduced himself so in character, but then got called out by takao for not saying his name, so he had to redo it (in his normal voice) – and he came up with a new haiku on the spot, which was pretty impressive. but yeah haha. i have the biggest, dorkiest grin on my face right now. this is so making my day haha.  (also the abstract got extended again, which is why i’m taking this break lol).

there’s also a lot more solos in this one, which is nice, along with a few duets.  it makes sense that they couldn’t really do that for the 2015 one since there were so many more characters, but it was nice being able to hear more of them in the spotlight.