coming to realize that while i sometimes envy people who have really “close friends” or “best friends”, it probably isn’t something that i actually want.  was recently in a fb msging group where people would just talk about whatever (actually i guess technically the guild one is too), and just being notified that often randomly throughout the day for me for things that are not really important is kind of annoying. so i end up having to mute all of them or just dropping out all together.  and i see people hanging out with each other all the time as well, and part of me feels a little sad maybe that i wasn’t invited (though i know a lot of it is a proximity thing as well, and that i probably wouldn’t have gone even if i had been invited, just because of distance), but when i see the videos or w/e of what’s actually happening at the hangouts, i’m like eh, i’m ok with missing that. i don’t feel like i’m missing very much.  i don’t know if that’s just b/c i’m older now, and i’m much quicker to determine what would or wouldn’t be a waste of time, or if i’m more jaded or what.  but yeah.  and even as i type this, i feel a little bad, b/c as a Christian, i think time is a commodity we’re meant to spend on others instead of being so selfish with it… but meh i dunno.

but yeah one of those “like this status and i’ll tell you how we met, my first impressions of you, etc” has been going around FB in my cosplay account, and on a whim i finally decided to like some (but did not do the second part of reposting it as my own shh lol) and i got a response today where the person said he’s realized I’m a “driven, intelligent, and deeply caring individual.” and that they “could all learn a lot from you.”  i guess i can’t say that was unexpected, as i’m not sure what i was expecting, but that kind of made my day.  (other than the fact that i finally finished the stupid revised specific aims).  also he apparently enjoys our sunday sessions, for which i feel encouraged about, especially since he’s a non-believer 🙂  i want our sessions to be thoughtful and interesting to everyone regardless of faith, so it’s good to hear positive input.

yeah so, i actually got some stuff done today! whoo~ not a lot, and a lot less than i was hoping to, but still better than nothing. 😀  gotta play a little bit of catch-up tomorrow though *sigh*.  night!