oh yeah, also kind of cool yesterday was that i’d posted a video about synesthesia on fb and musing about it, and then a friend from hs commented that she’s associated music with color since she was a kid but never knew it had a name, and she thanked me for posting so she was going to then look it up.  i like it when that kind of thing happens, because i think we oftentimes take the things we know for granted, and assume that others know it as well.  but that’s not always the case, and if you can help someone learn more about something or themselves, i think that’s always really cool.  kind of like when you teach someone something, and you finally see it “click” in their minds.  that’s why i’ve always found it really rewarding to teach something i know, even if i might not be the best person to demonstrate what i’m trying to teach (i.e. wushu, dance, music, etc).

ok back to work.