yesterday we had a joint LC event with the kirklin group, and we had a ton of people go to jim n’ nick’s for dinner (~40 people), before we went go karting at apparently a newly built go kart racing place nearby. it was SO FUN XD  i’ve only been once in my life, and at that place we kind of just raced by ourselves on a single lane track to get the best time. this time oddly enough, it was still the best timed lap, but we had 10 racers go at once, so you had to try to pass people sometimes, and if there was a jumble of people ahead of you, it was hard to navigate around that, so that was a slowing of time.  the first run i was pretty slow – still trying to get the hang of it, and the pedals were a little too far away so i couldn’t really press them down all the way.  the second time i asked for them to help me get it closer, but then i think it was a little too close, so it was still a little awkward to press. oh well. i got to be pretty good on the turns, and beat my previous time by 2.5 seconds, but ended up 8th place both times haha.  the 2nd time, one of the guys also crashed so hard into me he “broke” his car and had to get a new one @__@ haha. but anyway.  the first time, my best time was 26.133, and the 2nd time it was 23.769.  Super fun though – so glad i decided to go out last night ^.^  got to meet our now-4th year LC rep and a few of the first years (who will be in the class i join up for for MS3 year next year) so that was cool as well. 🙂