just re-read ender’s shadow. T___T that ending gets me every time. i almost like reading bean’s story more than ender’s (after first having read ender’s game) just to see it from a different perspective and have that expanded narrative and analysis. especially since bean IS such an analytical person.

sometimes it’s hard to come back to reality after reading books like that where people have to wrestle so much with much more pressing, life-or-death kind of problems.


on a completely separate note, also apparently saved about $236.68 – $108.89 + $221.4 – $12 = $337.19 (not including taxes) worth of cosplay materials and patterns. and yes, i had to calculate all that by typing in original prices individually b/c their receipts didn’t sum it up at the end, and because i was curious. that pattern sale was ridiculous… almost didn’t believe it was real, but looks like it was.  Joann’s had a pattern sale of $1/pattern, and some of those were like almost $20 each! @___@.  but yeah, so today was kind of a long day, since i had to go buy those since Hancock’s is going out of business.  Still a ton of money on supplies, but hopefully they’ll last for a while and/or at least let me make a few cosplays I have in mind eventually (if they eventually get done…)