oh whoa. just randomly thought of this, but there was a cute young girl (well ok, truth be told, she was a little bit on the bossy side lol, but still pretty young and cute) who apparently really wanted to get a picture with me (i think as sailor mars… possibly casual erza though… i really can’t remember) at kami con, but was kinda going back and forth between demanding her mom to get a picture and being too shy to actually look at me or ask, so i smiled at them and asked if they wanted to take a picture, and she immediately walked over and grabbed my hand with no qualms, and posed for the picture while her mom snapped the pic.  i’m glad the daughter was happy i guess, but as she seemed to forget all about it right after as she strode forward and left without looking back, it’s hard to feel anything particularly about that, even if maybe i might have been dressed as a character she liked. (though i will admit that i remember feeling glad that she liked whichever character it was, because i thought my character was a good, strong, female role model XP). but it was actually the grateful look her mom threw me while taking the pic and the thanks she gave after that made me happy, because i could see that by that time she was feeling rather frazzled, and i’m glad that i could somehow maybe make her day a little brighter by helping her make a good memory with her daughter 🙂

kinda totally forgot about that until now, since my cosplay account’s newsfeed is all about people being at either momocon or megacon this weekend, and someone also posted how she loves it when kids get excited about seeing a character they like, and a little girl asked to take a picture specifically with her. which triggered my own memory of that happening. and i guess a couple of guys apparently also love sailor mars because there were definitely some guys who were fanboy-ing about that as well haha. i guess it’s kind of like being a disney character/princess – if you can bring a little of the magic to life and make someone’s day just by that, it’s worth it. 🙂