omg. was finally able to play some chamber music this weekend.  first time in over 6 years!!! SO HAPPY!!!  or close to. i guess i had a brief session once in 1st or 2nd? year in Bham, so ok first time in like 4-5 years, but that session was really short and not that great (and kind of dampened by the fact that i had a 30 min emotional phone call with my ex during the first part of it ~.~||).  but yeah anyway. it was SO SO good this weekend – the happiest i’ve been in a long long while.  i was even motivated to actually do work and finish up my draft during the day of those two days before heading out to do more music, which is super rare for me (i usually procrastinate and work after i finish the fun event, which is bad).  and slept better than i have in ages as well. ahhh, it’s just so nice to be home.

i guess i should give a little background for future reference – it was PACO’s 50th anniversary this weekend, so there were some events put on and chamber music sight reading things at people’s houses at night, at least on Friday/Saturday.  I saw one of my old violin teachers, and was basically the only one in my generation who went to the readings by like… 10 years or so?? @___@ (though i called one friend up for the Sat one) but i was at the point where i couldn’t care less b/c i was so freaking starved for chamber music.  i was super rusty and was playing on a violin that was from Costco that hadn’t been played in like probably 8 years or so, so it kept going out of tune every piece we played on Friday T__T, and i’d already lost like 10 bow hairs when i first opened the case, which was a bit of a shock. but it stayed mostly in tune for sat, so that was good. also met a girl who is now a freshman in college, but who was 6 when i had first met her when she first started lessons with another of my violin teachers that i had towards the end of high school @___@ that was pretty trippy. but anyway.  i’m kinda just rambling now, but man, it was such a good weekend. intimidating a little bit playing with people who graduated around when i was born lol, and people who are quite good, but also awesome playing with people who actually know what they’re doing and who listen well together and enjoy playing together.  there’s just something so refreshing about playing with a group of people who are tied together through a common bond and have a same foundation and love of music/chamber music in particular. also seeing or hearing the younger generation still having that love is gratifying as well (apparently after i left on the first night, a bunch of people came to the house and ended up playing until 2am).  that’s what i remember from paco camp – playing music until the early hours of the morning, just because we could and it was fun.  i’m glad i got to relive a little of that this weekend. ^.^ *sigh*.

on a somewhat different note, someone posted a news article referencing this article in the alumni group, and i thought it was interesting that prior to its publication in 2011, there apparently weren’t any studies done on whether violinist prefer old (famous) violins, or new ones.  unsurprisingly (to me at least), violinists weren’t actually able to distinguish them very well, and in the paired testing, many also preferred the newer violins to the older strad violin, though the guarneri and newer strad (in his “Golden Period”) did about equally well against the newer violins.  and in the comparisons between all 6, many seemed to prefer two of the newer violins to the older ones. so maybe there is some name/pricing bias in the psychology of some violinists when choosing violins, similar to that wine study Vox did a while back haha (or maybe that strad was just not a very good one lol).