… the things i do past midnight:

~12am-12:30am – decide to re-learn the party rock anthem shuffle dance (= 4 more 8 counts than we did in our group my 1st year here)

~1am-now (aka 3:15am) – randomly decide to try to record self singing the pokemon theme song just for kicks. takes many tries. then decide to try to add harmony, and then later, to add the background soundtrack, which i was able to find on youtube, but since i wasn’t sure if downloading it would dl a virus along with it, decided to just record it over the speakers w/ my mic as well. then had to learn how to sync tracks on audacity, and lots of fine-tuning later, i now have a… semi ok rendition, but mostly still pretty bad. T___T. oh well. fun exercise i guess. though not fun that it’s 3:30am again T__T.  oh well.

also bought some more cosplay materials. getting back into it i guess. BUT. i have told myself i cannot start unless i finish that paper’s edits! so yeah. hopefully that’ll get me to finish quicker.