must have a new downstairs neighbor.  2 nights ago, he started playing loud thumping music at 2am and it went on for at least an hour or longer. hoping it’d just be a one time thing, i just did my best to sleep through it. the next day (yesterday), it started again at 12:30am, and i was like ohhh no you don’t. it was shaking the walls so badly i thought it was my next door neighbor at first, but knocked and it was dark and no one answered. came back in and realized that it wasn’t just the walls i was feeling it from but the floor. so felt the floor, and then pressed my ears to it and sure enough, it was music from downstairs.  so i went down and knocked, and the door opened to a half naked guy in a towel (awkward) and i started out with “hi, um..” and he was like “it’s too loud huh?  i’ll turn it down” and i was like oh ok, thanks haha. so went back up, and it was certainly less, but still vibrating through the floor and screwing with my heartbeat – like literally was fluttering up and down like the previous night and it was really uncomfortable. but i didn’t want to knock and make it a big deal again, so i was like ok, i can handle it for just one more night.  ended up sleeping at 7am >.< partly b/c the beat got my heart feeling bad and adrenaline-y for a while, and partly b/c of other things.  but anyway.

TODAY at around 1pm it started up AGAIN and i was like omg no.  i literally can’t work like this.  so i went down. knocked. knocked again. i saw movement behind the door but no one opened it. so i went back up. it seemed to have stopped briefly.  then it started again. so went down and knocked again around 3pm. still no answer.  came up and it was still going, so wrote a letter which i then pasted on his door.  really hoping it will stop. like, physically feeling ill and nauseated from the pounding. >.<