just watched the whole season of this tonight (only 13 eps).  i was pleasantly surprised that it was actually pretty good, and i hope they continue it in a second season!  prequels tend to be hit or miss, so i’m glad this one was actually pretty good. ^.^  it follows the story of how sinbad got to where he is in the magi series.  not sure if it’s based off a prequel manga or anything, but it’s pretty good regardless – has the feel of the first season of magi, which i thought was better than the kind of convoluted-seeming second one.

*SPOILER ALERT* from this point forward!

i think it’s kind of interesting because in a sense, this means that yunan is rooting for sinbad to be king of the world, in kind of opposition i suppose to aladdin, who has put his stock in alibaba.  i wonder how it will end up in the end, since alibaba is the protagonist of the current magi story, but sinbad seems to have way too much destiny and stuff built in for him to not be the final one.  though aladdin does seem to have a trump card in being the most powerful magi. so i dunno. possibly they’ll have a duel at the very end, but i think maybe it would be more likely for them to join an alliance at the end or something – maybe both kings of respective countries that span half a world. or something. who knows.  at any rate, there is one thing i’m glad of (unless the authors pull a really crazy curve ball).  it seems like sinbad really is what he says he is – a guy who wants to unite the world for peace.  i was kind of worried during the actual magi seasons that he would turn out to just be a very smooth-talking guy who would actually turn out to be the biggest villain later, but hopefully with this sequel backstory, and unless something crazy happens, he’s actually one of their most powerful allies – at least for now until the (potential) final show-down between sinbad and alibaba, if it comes to that.  i kind of hope not, because it would be just too cliche, but we’ll see i guess.

also side note: dude, i know the guy who VA’s ryo kurayanagi from yakitate japan WAY too well.  barbossa barely spoke at all, and it was kind of muted, during this whole season, yet when i was looking up who it was, i took a sec to place it while i was scrolling down the list of other things he’s played (which is a LOT), and then immediately scrolled to the end to verify whether he played in yakitate, and sure enough, there it was.  so apparently the most distinct voices in my head are this guy and kirito’s VA lol.  (and yet i don’t know their real names as well ~.~||). actually there’s a lot of familiar VA’s in this prequel: midorima from kuroko plays sinbad, which is CRAZY b/c i think he even does the young through the voice change to adolescent, and he also does the adult version in the original series, so his voice range/timbre is AMAZING.  then there’s also sasori’s voice for ja’far, and from haikyuu and various other animes as well.  i keep forgetting who yunan’s is but i know i know it… OH right, gaara from naruto. which is actually a little crazy b/c it’s like totally different, except in a certain quality of it. that sounds confusing doesn’t it. -.-|| oh well. anyway. yup, good show.  good practice listening to japanese too, to get back into how it sounds like for the script i’m practicing off of for sat. ok, goodnight!