what is it about beauty that makes men forget themselves?

you hear all the time about men going to war or committing atrocious acts over a beautiful woman, regardless of the type of person she is.  history is littered with stories of men who wage wars or kill people just due to a woman’s demands.  and often in these stories, just a glimpse of this woman renders these men powerless before her.

you never hear of women doing stuff like that just because she sees how good looking a man is.  sure, there’s myriads of stories of women going for the arrogant, conceited, good-looking “bad boy,” and yeah i’m sure friendships have been lost over similarly terrible/vapid personality handsome men, but it doesn’t seem like women generally completely lose their wits just b/c they see someone looking good.  if anything, i think women are attracted to confidence (or i guess money for some, and such) more than they are to looks. but anyway.

bleh. it just doesn’t make sense to me how easily guys are lost/fall in love (should i put that in quotes?) by pure outward appearance, especially since that’s something that’s kind of just luck of the draw by birth (or i guess a scalpel for some.)