Finally giving in and posting from my phone. But only because my computer is busy.

It’s kind of weird how I can be feeling really sad and crying, but in the next moment snap back into practical mode once I start thinking of all the things I need to do. It’s like duty trumps emotion. Which, I guess I’ll take as a good thing. I’m not really much of a crier anyway (at least, not for myself) so I guess my body/brain was subconsciously like alright, that’s enough now, snap out of it lol.

Anyway I’m sitting here waiting as my computer oh so slowly checks to make sure all the drives are ok and all because ToS was erroring,and one sure said to check to make sure all the hard drive stuff was ok because usually that kind of error is not a stream error… though upon reflection, a normal restart probably would have done just as well. Oh well. Hope it’s not going to take too long. It’s already been an hour or so I think.

Well, time to do some chores then I guess! Yay.

Olympics start tonight! And also a going away party (I need to see real people?! *gasp*) so I guess I better try to get stuff done before then. Wish me luck!