just finished watching 2 seasons of noragami (well minus 2.25 episodes since i heard the ending of the 1st season was filler and after seeing how knowing the anime original ending for blue exorcist kept messing with me when reading how the manga actually went, i decided to not confuse myself this time) and will likely re-read the manga and continue on from there. it’s a rather good series i think, at least so far, though i’m glad i watched the anime first because yato’s pretty uh… not likeable in the manga, at least for the first 3 chapters i’ve seen so far.  i actually thought to watch/read it b/c of a book from free comic book day (from last year i think – just happened to pick it up again cuz it was on the floor as i was somewhat cleaning today) and thought the snippet in there looked interesting.  weirdly enough, the first girl character they introduce who seems like a main character type turns out to just show up for that 1 chapter, which was super confusing when i watched the anime which only gave her like a 1 line cameo before focus shifted to the actual girl protagonist.  but yeah.  not bad, and well-drawn/animated and the voice actors are old favorites too (yato = akashi, yukine = uh.. a LOT of main chars, but includes like alibaba and eren, kazuma (prob my fav-ish besides yato) = also lots of ppl but yukio from blue exorcist and hanamiya from kuroko). and lots of feels T__T. i’ve heard the anime is pretty faithful (minus those eps mentioned above) but certain details are glossed over/missed especially in the 2nd season, so will likely re-read the manga. unfortunately i think accidentally ran across a few spoilers T__T but that’s ok.  (also heard that *MINI SPOILER* yukine’s rebellious phase is pretty cringe-worthy/even more annoying in the manga, so not really looking forward to reading that again -.-||.  oh well. *END MINI SPOILER*.)

ok it’s late and i’ve got a lot of work to do this weekend.

oh yeah also went to a going away party tonight/watching olympics opening ceremony. i almost was too introvert-y/wanting to watch the anime to go, but i’m glad i forced myself out to see them before they left.  i guess that’s something i usually can force myself to do, as vs things like weekly growth group or other things. *sigh*. ah well.

sleep time!


edit: *more spoiler alert* … wait a sec… if the gods are supposed to be born from people’s wishes, then how is it possible for any of them to have parents?  like ebisu’s reference to izanami and izanagi (also the terms used in naruto!) or yato’s “dad”…