people seem to stop posting a lot when they’re in relationships.  i’m no exception – definitely neglected my xanga back when i was seeing my ex… mainly b/c we were together like 24/7, usually at his place, which meant i only had my laptop and was not usually around it since were usually watching shows or out to eat or something. so not much alone “me” time to think about stuff.  i don’t know if that was a good or bad thing.  well i mean, i know the around each other 24/7 thing was definitely not a healthy thing, but not sure whether i didn’t write b/c i had a person to talk to already in real life, or b/c i just didn’t have the time, or b/c i was pushing off having to think about things in more detail because i know it would have made me more clearly aware of how unhappy i was.  probably a combo of all three.  though being an introvert by nature, i’m now more certain that having downtime to think/just be… is pretty important to my well-being.

i also take it i guess as a kind of good sign i’m typing more nowadays.  it feels nice to have ideas flowing again, instead of having a mind full of mush and lack of motivation to do anything (though i have yet to translate that to any substantial kind of work T__T).  well, it’s still in a mush like half or more of the time. starting to get out of it though. maybe. hopefully.

anyway time to go to a meeting. bye!