man. it really is quite a letdown when a long series has a sucky ending. just binged all of vampire knight basically simply to find out what happens at the end and who is chosen b/c i didn’t particularly like the series or the main protagonist, but have curiosity so can’t let a story go unfinished… but the ending is so.. well. it felt very rushed/unplanned and unsatisfying -.-||. waste.  probably explains also why i kept desperately checking if noragami had updated in the meantime to save me from thinking about this anime/manga that makes so little sense and is so unfulfilling. darn my curiosity.

but i guess as a writer, there must be quite a lot of pressure to end things the right way… otherwise you risk alienating a whole fanbase and thus possible future fans by word of mouth. blah. i dunno. but yeah bad endings just leave me feeling very … unsatisfied and blah at the world. i’m ok with ones where it makes you think about the world and life and such, or even if an ending is kinda sad but seems fitting… i don’t like that kind of ending exactly, but at least it feels like closure. bad endings though send me into a somewhat nihilistic/downer mood for no reason. bleh.

i feel kinda bad for my mom. she called right after i finished that and as i was late in heading out for a church meeting, so i probably sounded very lackluster and weird.  someone i was buying stuff from at the thrift shop yesterday noticed how out of it i was yesterday too (i’d been just in the middle of reading it and being kinda like blah about events going on in it before i had to head out to do errands so was kind of spacing out as i somewhat thought about that and work i had to do in turn).

*spoilers* also just found out there were a few extras after the last chapter so i read them in hopes it would make it better… nope, it just made it worse. -.-||| it was so bad i started actually even half-heartedly trying to salvage something out of it by rooting for a potential couple (the very minor role best-friend and another vampire that also clearly didn’t make it uh i guess sort of made it?) at the end more than the main ones. ugh.  like literally zero had the worst life ever, and even when he “got” the girl, he never truly got her so they basically lived out a lie their whole literal 1000-year relationship where neither get what they wanted and then she sacrificed herself for the other guy who loved her, who also clearly never got her since she died. like what. what was the whole point of reading any of that. -.-||  i think literally the only thing that was worth reading until the end and those extras was the yori/hanabusa thing, which literally was not a thing until a hint in the last volume or so and then the extra. -.-|||

i might have to agree with some assessments that it went downhill after the main girl woke as a vamp. i would even say after all the stuff with ichiru and sakura and the way ichiru’s death went down… after that it was just like wow everything is just like suckage going on everywhere.

… at least after all these series where there are misunderstandings between siblings resulting in tragedy that never gets resolved before death, i think there’s some stuff i feel like talking about w/ my sister before that happens, so we can heal or at least understand each other better maybe… lol.

which also makes me wonder… how many series have i actually been satisfied with the ending of?  inuyasha actually i thought closed well, and i guess ranma (by the same author) wasn’t bad-ish lol. oh, all the free! endings were good, and so were the kuroko ones. naruto would have been fine w/o the stupid random epilogue chapter (and still not a fan of the sasuke-sakura thing ugh). but yeah i guess not sure what else. oh AtLA was a pretty good ending too. mm can’t really think of any others right now. (ugh mashima please please don’t kill off jellal or i won’t be able to take it T__T).  but yeah anyway. that’s all for now.