LOLOL harlem’s face when he finally realized the first guy was singing his famous song hahaha. or.. is it actually a mashup? also so random na ying chose him. but also jay chou’s reaction when he sang his LOL.  wait… all of them pressed it?! are you serious? -.-|| must be an amusement thing considering the singing quality wasn’t anything special… oh. LOLOL WOW. hahahahaha. he was actually the host… i totally didn’t realize… T_____T HAHA. well played troll.

wang feng’s gonna like this one lol. oh interesting. jay and harlem went first. also whoa, his “na ying” sound was actually not bad o.0

phew was a little scared for her a bit haha. also wow she was brave enough to go on stage w/o her glasses o.0 that’s pretty impressive.  and her water buffalo was awesome haha

whoa this girl’s english is super good. she not only sounds, but even kinda looks like rihanna o.0  i think seeing wang feng come down so quick got her a bit emotional actually is affecting her performance a little. but she’s singing through her tears of joy and doing pretty well keeping her composure. (fun fact – didn’t even know this song was sung by rihanna for sure until i just looked it up to double check, but when she sang it at the beginning, for some reason it sounded so like her i just figured it must be rihanna’s song lol).  aww her husband is so happy for her haha awww, and yeah figured all of them would choose her. and now she’s her performance element now that she’s not as nervous anymore haha. aww.  wonder who she’s gonna choose?  and yeah i agree, i felt she was more “rihanna” than rihanna haha.  and she’s 27! wow, around my age!  HAHA and interesting. i was wondering if she was gonna choose harlem considering her predecessor (what i’m considering her predecessor in sound that showed up in the previous contestants vs. current contestants episode last season anyway) was on harlem’s team too.  awww she and her husband are so cute. and omg T____T that ring T___T. i guess they’ve been married 3 years but maybe he never had the money at the time or something to officially propose with a ring. T___T *wahhh*

oh for once, someone’s voice matches their speaking voice/looks lol. i do like this guy’s voice. also… i sorta thought he looked like the alan-look-alike guy from last season… but they’re actually showing that guy in the audience! @___@ are they related?! are they from the same band?? i could see them being related, but i don’t know if it’s b/c the glasses and the jaw angle and slight voice waver technique throwing me off hahaa. he better get picked up by at least one of them… T__T.  aww man. i was worried about this :\  and oh it seems that guy was his dormmate and whoa i guess the other two were both jay and wang feng’s students. and LOL wowwww called OUT HAHA. awww he seemed to take it pretty well. 😦  they encouraged him for next year though. maybe he’ll come back if they need more ppl later this season. (that was kind of mean of the judges to compare him to his other two friends though :\)

mer not a fan of this next girl’s showy personality in the package but we’ll see i guess. she seems nervous for this show. she has a strong voice and her raps are pretty on beat so i figure the judges would like her. but really not a fan of her performance style :\  (also even though jay says that he doesn’t usually pick ppl who choose his songs to sing, so far i feel like his track record shows he actually chooses them quite often lol). i’m glad she’s pretty humble though. but hahahaha awww na ying is so happy haha.

whoa! surprising sound. i think at least one will turn for sure for this one. er come down rather. i think his guitar might be a little out of tune though o.0. and there we go. i was a little nervous for him. and awww jay chou chose him. i’m sure he’s very happy since that was who his wife wanted haha.  oh? surprising choice given him and his wife’s relationship but i’m glad haha. she’s really cute though haha aww. it’s clear how much she loves him.

omg LOL this guy calls all his guitars his wives… lol.  i bet harlem would choose this one. probably jay too, and maybe na ying. haha yup there they go lol. he’s totally gonna choose jay. YEAH hahaha callllleddd itttt!

ok shower and sleep time. bye!