was JUST thinking how funny it was that the VA for yato = the same one for levi while the VA for yukine = the same one for eren (i even went back to watch an episode of SnK just to remind myself what they sounded like there… can no longer not hear levi as either akashi or yato LOL T__T) and then i stumbled upon this (from http://mysimpleme14.tumblr.com/post/146512168400/noragami-shingeki-no-kyojin-crossover-an-i-just):



A/N: I just found out recently that Yato and Levi share the same voice actor, and guess what? Same goes to Yukine and Eren. It was a big shock for me and I got so hyped up afterwards. So yeah, its Yato in Levi’s outfit and Yukine in Eren’s.

p/s: still can’t get over the fact that they have the same voices I’m dying someone help

also, the more i read/think about it, the more i’m fairly certain fujisaki must be a god that was demoted to life as a human b/c he has too many god-like abilities. so i can definitely see where people are getting the susanoo theory with him.  though i still think it’s possible he’s tsukiyomi rather than susanoo, but who knows.

noragami is definitely my new favorite manga at the moment, which is saying something considering how much i love FT.  it’s been quite a long time since i’ve been this excited/obsessed over a series. (also love how one review mentioned bishamon’s little journey to the underworld to save yato as looking like a cross between Fate’s Saber and FT’s Erza, b/c that’s pretty much exactly what my subconscious thought lol!).  funny tidbit there too – bisha’s VA is the same as ultear’s from FT.

it’s interesting though. the reasons i love noragami are very different for why i love FT. if i had to say something about that, i guess i’d have to say that my love for FT is because the relationships in FT are inspiring, and it’s a show that makes me happy because it shows strong bonds between people.  noragami is in some ways almost the exact opposite, where everything is kind of really sad and broken all the time… and yet… and yet there is growth and there is love and loyalty as well. there’s definitely elements of sad stuff in FT backstories as well though… so maybe in essence i like them for the same reason – in that their overarching message is that we’re all broken people, but when we have people around us who support us and believe in us, we can overcome even the worst of things.  in a way, that is the christian message too, except replace other people with God, and that then we become those kinds of people who can support others, through His strength.