in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea to try out those breakdance conditioning moves yesterday, knowing that i’d subsequently have 2 days of pipetting for essentially 12+ hours in lab. T__T i have such weak arms lolol… pretty pathetic. T__T.

ah wells. on the plus side, i’m actually generating new data for the first time since like, december, so that’s exciting 😀 (well, not counting the microbiome samples, which i’m still waiting on… it’s been like over a month now since i’ve extracted them and sent them in. hope the results come in soon).

in other news, apparently Bleach finally ended today @___@. time to catch up!  i think i’m only behind by a few months.  can’t believe it’s over… i guess we’ll see whether it falls under the good or disappointing ending soon enough. (though i’m expecting i’ll have to stay here until like midnight, so don’t know if i’ll have the brain power to read stuff by then…)


edit: though really guys?? is it necessary to spoil an ending THE SAME DAY it comes out?! geez. still haven’t had time to read it but clearly know what happens in the ichigo-rukia-orihime triangle thing. ugh.