*some spoilers*

huh. well. that … actually wasn’t as bad as i was expecting given everyone’s moans and groans today. i mean, yes there’s a lot of stuff that really didn’t make sense in the end, it was really rushed and kind of random in how they ended up defeating yhwach or however you spell/pronounce his name… but it was kind of surprisingly nice seeing the rebuilding and rukia’s promotion and then the last two pages were actually kinda cute.  kind of tied the whole series up neatly in a circle – it all started with rukia being surprised at ichigo’s shinigami powers, and ends w/ rukia’s kid being surprised at ichigo’s kid’s powers.  and yeah, it’s kinda sad that rukia and ichigo didn’t get together (although since that’s been spoiled for me all day i was kind of resignedly expecting it when reading just now), but it makes sense considering rukia’s known renji longer (and he’s like her forever) and they’re from different worlds so yeah. also, kubo’s progeny features mash-ups seem better suited than kishimoto’s, and less random. i was a little worried kubo was going to go the harry potter route too like kishimoto did, but i’m glad he showed more the rebuilding aspect and life moving forward, rather than time skip and suddenly everyone has somehow randomly gotten together and has kids.

still think orihime is useless though, and the last fight hasn’t changed my opinion. she is literally like sakura 2.0 except possibly even more useless. at least sakura had both healing and fighting abilities, though she also was never very effective in the fighting part… orihime was defense, and also defense fail. -.-||. or actually maybe the even better parallel is she’s hinata 2.0, since how i view the random hinata-naruto pairing at the end is basically how i view the orihime-ichigo pairing right now (also sakura-sasuke falls in this category as well ugh.)  thankfully at least rukia-renji has redeeming qualities, and their kid looks/acts just like you’d expect – with renji’s hair and rukia’s eyes and brazen attitude. hm. lol. now that i think about it, i think maybe their kid and how it ended with them is partly why i’m ok/satisfied with the ending.  definitely not great in terms of tying up loose ends, but i’m not like WTFRICK like the ending of vampire knight or naruto’s very last chapter.  also maybe it’s partly b/c i basically lost interest in bleach for a while and so i’m just glad it’s done lol XP who knows.

anyway, now i can sleep with no reservations. XD … though probably a dumb idea to read and write about it since tomorrow’s gonna be another super long day in lab… T__T. will probably end up having to leave around midnight again at the rate i’m going to be able to wake up… *sigh*