dang, voice actors have it tough. apparently one of the very famous VA’s in japan recently had a picture taken by paparazzi where he’s holding a child, and everyone lost it. it’s pretty sad that he had to hide the fact that he’s married with a kid b/c of the fans, and he even issued an apology for it on his radio show.  guess it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as a seiyuu/famous idol in japan.  (i just happened to stumble on it too on youtube where i watched an early episode (7?) where they’re joking about what would happen if kamiya had a daughter, and daisuke ono kept teasing him about marrying his daughter while kamiya vehemently protested… everyone in the comments were like aww he’s so protective of his non-existent daughter! but now it’s like oh. maybe he DID actually have a daughter then and didn’t want to tell everyone 0.o.  (edit: though one site says it was a son? and maybe he hadn’t married yet at that time who knows). episode 484 was apparently when the apology was issued if i remember correctly. but yeah. it’s kinda weird/sad that fans will sell all their merchandise related to a person just because they’re married or have kids. can’t people be happy for their people they like that much? :\

can’t believe this JUST happened too.. like literally last month 0.o