FINALLY!!! i’ve been wanting to play this freaking electric violin for AGES, but things kept happening – the bridge was dead so one string was shorted out and wouldn’t amplify so had to wait for that to come in (thank goodness they sent it in for free due to it being an outdated model or that would have been $300-400!!!), and then had to replace the battery, and then a string snapped so had to buy another set, and THEN the BOW freaking snapped, and so i’ve been somewhat searching for a bow for the last… year or so. today i finally bit the bullet and bought one.

to be honest, i was a little less than pleased about the way it was done b/c i was only given 1 bow to try, even when i asked if i could try others because i was told “the rest basically are so similar it’s not worth trying”, and it was not until i asked if there was one w/o the long awkward grip that i was given another, slightly more expensive one to try, and those were the only ones… luckily the balance was decent on them, but i would have much rather been allowed to try other ones.  i’m more used to CA shops i guess, where you are just given a whole ton of them to try out at your leisure in some room. and CA shops also lend you violins and bows for a trial period so you can test it out before you buy – none of that was happening here.  and it felt like it was kind of being pushed on me.  so i was tempted to leave. some bow hairs were sticking out and everything ~.~|| but ultimately what decided me today was 1) time = $ after all, and i too often try to save $ by spending way too much time (like i’m currently doing w/ the go go cosplay lol…) and it’s already been a long time.  i need to start realizing my time is worth more than my $, and this was an exercise in that. 2) my bandmate and i talked about me playing the electric and trying out the loop pedal on thurs, and while i could use my regular bow, i figured i might as well try getting a new bow for it before then, and 3) the bow’s not bad. it has decent balance, and a relatively warmer tone (albeit more muted) than the other bow, so it’s not too bad a deal.  2nd and charles’s bows were either $50 or $100 (well they also came w/ a violin and case so that would have been a much better deal actually, but since all i wanted was the bow anyway, essentially, i’m assuming that cost is for the bow), and this one was between those so it was probably one of the cheapest deals i was gonna get, at least locally.

and really the crux of it was that i was tired. tired of running around and thinking about it and searching. i kinda just wanted it to be over. so despite my reluctance at being basically shoehorned into a purchase… if i think about it that way, i’m ok with how things turned out.

and now i finally have a ready-to-go electric violin in my arsenal :D. (really hope i’m not jinxing it right now!) can’t wait to try out the loop pedal! :DDD