is it weird that most of my “role models” or people who inspire me are people around my own age?  i feel like i find inspiration from friends a lot, or like artists who are around my age… i think it’s partly because it’s inspiring to think about what is possible at my age… like hey, this person is up to this level in their art and they’re the same age (or even younger) than you! so you can totally strive to do something like this too! maybe. i dunno.

anyway since i finally got to try the electric violin with a loop pedal for the first time yesterday (and got to learn a little stepping! we’re doing both for the show on the 25th now apparently lol – so awesome how both of those desires finally came together after 6 years haha) i just decided to look up jason yang again, who was my first inspiration for the possibilities of an electric violin. he’s done so much cool stuff since then. but i still remember that first performance. now listening to it, it wasn’t as polished as some of his other stuff now especially (but that makes sense – of course he should have grown over the years) but i still remember my feeling of wow, he’s this age and doing shows like this. how cool would it be to do that someday. and now apparently he has a patreon and is working towards becoming a film composer! which i’ve always thought would be super cool to do. so it’s like this is how my trajectory could have gone if i went that route – living vicariously through him i guess in a way haha! but yeah, i think he’s pretty talented and i hope he makes it far 🙂