for ONCE my time of the month actually spared an important day and came at a good time! well, as “good” as it can be having it period lol… pun not intended.  but yeah, performed with the band for the first time in like over a year? yesterday and was wondering if i would have to worry about my new clothes getting stained or cramping in the middle or something if it came yesterday, but it ended up coming today, which is good also because it means by the time i head to AWA this weekend, it should mostly be over!  hurrah~!

but yeah so the band performance was fun! well, i messed up a lot i feel… >.< but people still seemed to enjoy the performance, so that’s good…? ^.^|| also hilarious was when we did our stepping dance number, within like the very first hit or something, my watch clasp got undone, so i messed up a bit while I was thinking about whether to close it or take it off or leave it, and then i was just like oh heck, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! and just kept going w/ it flapping, concentrating desperately on not flinging it across the room. so basically “chicken wings”, as brandon said later when we watched a film clip of it LOL. T__T.  it was fun doing the loop pedal sequence though! (even though i messed up still… T___T) – i couldn’t really tell from the audience at the time, but later, the guy from the group after us said people were very “entertained” by it, so yay i guess haha.  it was cool getting to talk to them – they were a very sweet married couple touring from LA, and they’ve been through a lot in terms of health issues and stuff. but she had such a sweet disposition despite that, and he was really nice too, and showed me his instruments and stuff.

also, i forgot the term “tremolo” for a good while, which shames me as a classical musician lol… T__T… i forgot what it was called when talking about it at practice a bit ago, and then couldn’t remember for a good while after she asked about it after our performances last night T__T. it finally came to me as i was talking to her husband for a while though. haha T__T. *fail*

anyways. finally scheduling for this weekend is coming together, so pretty excited about that ^.^ and i’m gonna get to work with some herbs this week as well. whoo~!