holy freaking goodness. ;laksdjf;laihet;laiwehr;lawehr;laiwehr

just found out i suddenly have a ton of stuff i need to prepare for that was unexpected b/c they just determined that there’s going to be a preliminary round for the competition i signed up for at the end of next month, and that’s going to be less than 2 weeks from now, and the final title needs to be submitted next monday. which doesn’t sound that bad, but actually is really bad when you expected to have 3-4 weeks to prep for something and so were planning other things in the meantime, and now suddenly you don’t have that time anymore. >.<!!!

so gonna have to request an extra lab meeting next next monday just to prep for the prelims i guess.

but yeah so now things that all of a sudden need to be done in like.. the next day or two:

  • finish all assays (today)
  • analyze data
  • write up data and results
  • prepare presentation for data and results for monday’s lab meeting
  • also prepare a practice slide and speech for the 3 min thesis competition and brainstorm tentative “interesting” titles for the same meeting early in the morning… (this takes a lot longer than you’d think, at least for someone like me)
  • also still need to pick up some cosplay materials, still waiting on the wig, and still have stuff to sew and fix, and if the wig comes, that needs to be done as well
  • practice violin stuff for the con since we’re gonna try to do some stuff w/ that on sunday, which now i’m like dude, there’s no way i have time to do this…

… and yeah. if you add up all of that, basically, i need at least an extra 2 full days to be able to do all of that.  so what’s basically going to happen is a half-done cosplay, a terrible performance thing on sunday, an attempt to do work over the weekend, which will fail, i won’t be able to finish the data analysis in time for the weekend/the meeting, and the 3 min presentation is going to be the worst because i won’t have had time to practice except for in my head maybe in the car if i’m not too zoned out from lack of sleep to even function. oh, and monday, i’ll be a zombie from the weekend and won’t even be coherent anyway. great.

before finding all this about the prelim stuff at the meeting just now, i was like, you know, i probably won’t be able to get all the results out, but at least i should be able to have something to talk about.  but now? now i’m like wow. well then.  everything’s just going to heck, and now literally none of the things i was trying to accomplish over the weekend is going to go well.  thanks last-minute planning people. >.<

i know i know, it was hard for them to get a room apparently, and it’s their first year, and stuff happens. but it still sucks.

also got the official notice of being cast in a fan film yesterday, whoo~! it’s a pretty minor role but apparently they’re going to put it up on imdb (wut) so uh yeah. so that’s happening. lolol. another thing i’ll need to prep for, but luckily that one will happen after all this craziness w/ the competition stuff happens.  (i doubt i’ll even make it through the prelims, which might actually be good so the day of the competition will be freed up).  lolol that’s prob the wrong attitude to go into a competition w/, but w/e. it was mostly for the experience of speaking anyway, rather than trying to win.