sometimes it’s really frustrating being in this state. just yesterday, i had to give a lengthy explanation to two different people that being outraged at Trump’s words and actions are not for the sake of politics but for the sake of respect for humans and human decency.  i feel like at this point, anyone who is at least somewhat educated and/or has common sense and/or has a sense of human dignity and respect for all persons should, out of good conscience, vote anyone other than Trump.  but for some reason that is not the case.

i’m especially upset about all the women defending him.  to me, this is even more unbelievable – that they would try to discredit the women who have come forward about assault, citing timing or other people who have falsified things in the past, or perpetuating false tweets about the women being Hillary supporters (and let’s be serious here, even if they WERE Hillary supporters, would you blame a sexual assault victim of wanting to support ANYONE BUT trump?? even if they went so far as to donate to her campaign or campaign for her.. WHY WOULDN’T THEY??)  as women especially, we should be supporting our fellow women who are brave enough to finally speak about assault that they have had to hold to themselves and a few close friends for YEARS. instead, these women are basically acting like the patriarchy (for lack of a better term), trying to explain away and erase their experiences… and for the sake of WHAT in this case?! a self-centered guy who could care less about most people who do not fall into his particular demographic or current (and constantly changing) good graces. i saw a comment that said this well (heavily paraphrased b/c I can’t remember exact wording and there were quite a few expletives in it): why are people still trying to use comparisons to redirect attention?? this is not about party politics – this is about basic human decency.

the office of president should be a respectable one – where the highest standard of Americans is upheld.  and while yes, both candidates that we have right now unfortunately leave much to be desired, one actually has experience and fights for human rights (regardless of whether you agree with her policies or not, the fact remains that she is at least attempting to help the American people as a whole and those without a voice – the poor, underserved, minorities, etc) and the other is grossly underqualified, has demonstrated time and time again that he has a volatile temper, looks out for himself, has poor judgment, and of course is racist, bigoted, misogynistic, and all the other labels anyone can care to come up with that is basically against a vast majority of the US. like really? why are you still trying to defend someone who is basically the definition of backwards, backwoods, backwater America, and who by all accounts would trample over people like you if he ever got the power of the presidency?

i just don’t understand people sometimes.