yayyy… my life. T__T.  right when i actually want to start work, of COURSE my lab computer starts blue screen of death malfunctioning. T___T. apparently there was a new update and it hates a driver. wonderful. just hope my home computer doesn’t start doing the same thing… >.< (and yes, this means i can’t even really work from my place b/c i can’t remote in – the data is mostly patient data that, while de-identified, to be safe, still probably shouldn’t e-mail it to myself to work on from my home comp).

oh well, at least that means i can maybe get some other stuff done, maybe?

on a completely separate note, it kind of bothers me that i have had to explain to people, two separate times! a couple days ago, why trumps words and the allegations towards him are an outrage to all women, and is worse than michelle obama saying before that beyonce is a role model for her children, or false tweets about some of the allegations coming from a hillary supporter.  (which, btw, if the allegations are true, which i think they are, and they were also hillary supporters… wouldn’t that make perfect sense?? who wouldn’t support ANY other candidate than one who sexually assaulted them?! *sigh*. anyway.)

here’s a couple random articles to post here that are somewhat related to the above that i liked:

  1. 4 awesome thank you letters by women to the first lady, with love
  2. why the asian model minority myth is a problem, and what the white house is doing about it

I’m also pretty annoyed at the fact that my mouse keeps doing that freezing and connecting/disconnecting thing again. it’s like every few minutes now. -.-|| on the plus side… i discovered after all these years that i can make my mouse cursor more sensitive by clicking a button on the mouse!!! whattt?!?! @___@ hahaha.

also i’m on episode 55 of yugioh now, just for reference. restarted watching it (the dub *gasp*) a few days ago out of nostalgia and curiosity. it’s actually almost exactly like i remembered it lol. except i don’t think i saw much past season 1, even though i know a ton of spoilers due to various episodes i may have watched here or there, or maybe because of people talking about it? so most of where i am now is new, which is kind of nice ^.^  plus i get to actually follow the storyline this time haha.