ok this mouse thing is driving me crazy.  it’s like literally every minute or two now. so will try to restart the computer, but first need to put down a couple links of interesting stuff today:

Here’s one person’s blog about trying to subsist only on Soylent for 30 days, which has apparently only been replicated by the creator at the time of his post.  Randomly found it b/c a friend of mine apparently drinks it fairly often (that stuff sounds disgusting though).  This was from another post talking about all the soylent bar recalls and other unpalatable goods from the company lol.

Also saw John Oliver’s interview with Stephen Hawking and got curious how his speech works, so here’s an interesting article on how technology helps him talk and write.  (And really, that’s pretty inspirational… if HE can write books and books and give speeches painstakingly this way, we, with so much more capability of doing stuff should be able to accomplish so much more.  and so I really need to start getting more work done. lol T__T.

oh yeah, apparently incognito mode in my lab computer causes blue screen of death crashes for some interesting reason, as of a couple days ago 0.o  it’s pretty frustrating to my ADD side b/c it’s a habit of mine to constantly check my other FB account and random articles and stuff from FB on there and toggle back and forth between that and my work, but i guess in terms of productivity it’s actually a really good thing, as it prevents me from being able to do all these non-related to work things. T__T. *sigh*