people just drive however and people just cross the street whenever, with little regard to sidewalks or crosswalks, or crosswalk signals.  so basically like San Diego or Asia, except i think it’s worse than it was in san diego.  also drivers like… don’t slow down. so if you’re crossing where you shouldn’t be, you’d better hustle to cross the street haha.  (although the general speed of driving seems fairly slow for the most part anyway, probably partly b/c so many pedestrians cross randomly). it must suck to drive in this city haha.

also new orleans is super weird for NOT SPLITTING CHECKS. what the heck. both last night and today, it took forever to get our check figured out because they would not split our checks, which makes really no sense.  yesterday, we had 4 people, and they were like we can’t split checks and can only take 3 credit cards, and you guys need to tell us the amount on each card (which is annoying if people ordered multiples of the same thing and you have to back-calculate stuff, and also try to figure out what tax is, etc).  One of our group like, didn’t understand what the problem was (she’s from a different country) and just wrote down the orders, thinking they could just punch in the orders into separate things, but no. basically then the waiter just sat at the machine and calculated everything out with his phone. what kind of day and age is it when it’s not something that could be just punched into the register?! -.-|| Then today, we had 9 people and they only took 5 cards. So we had to do some random complicated thing, and still had to calculate everything out (this time I insisted we do it by ourselves so it wouldn’t take as long). *Sigh*.  New Orleans… why do you make everything so complicated.  I don’t remember having this issue last time…

I did happen to end up outside Pat O’Brien’s as we waited to hear the jazz performance at preservation hall though, so took a pic to send to my friend of the same name, and we had a slight rec0nnection over that haha! and apparently one of his good friends from south came to UAB for residency, so he told me to make sure to make fun of him if i ever met him haha. so i guess technology is kind of nice for that. also reconnected a bit w/ david since there was a lumiere float figure at the mardi gras world thing we went to for our opening night reception here (that was pretty cool – it’s apparently where all the floats are worked on/stored when it’s not parade time) and i sent him the pic since it reminded me of their wedding last weekend XP. apparently he didn’t have my phone number, and had to do some google searching lol, but yeah, now he does, so yay lol. (clearly we don’t keep in contact that way… actually realized i’ve never texted them since i never had texting back then! so i texted brian for the first time ever too, but he didn’t respond… turns out he left it in his rented jacket pocket when he returned it (LOL), according to david, so don’t know if he’s gotten it back yet, but i guess the text probably got lost in the rush).

but yeah. i think there’s something else that is weird here but can’t remember at the moment. they do have a lot of jester things around though, as well as fleur de leis? or some sort of flower-like emblem.

actually got some stuff done today though, which was nice 🙂