hi hi! been here for about 3 full days now and now that i finally have internet again for a bit and am waiting on some stuff, figured i might as well write some stuff about what my experience has been so far.

so i flew in after 2-3 days of traveling (that was pretty grueling T__T) and we got to my domicile at the local dorms around 2:30am or so after first stopping by the office so I could use their internet to send a quick e-mail to my family, letting them know I’d made it (since i don’t have internet access in the dorms apparently). slept for like 3-4 hours, and then i had to get up to shower before getting picked up to meet people and figure things out. found out that there’s no hot water here, so learning to take a cold shower was interesting. it did help with using a lot less shampoo though.  or maybe that just has to do with the water quality.

then i came back at around 6pm after a late lunch and found some mini ants on my bed >.< so had to get rid of them and the ones on the wall, and move my bed away from the wall for good measure lol. >.<  skipped dinner and slept, which also happened the following night as well when we got back from choll (pronounced “oll” since ch is apparently silent here) around 6-7pm.  there were a ton of hermit crabs at the beach, which was interesting, but not too much else going on.

yesterday just did some work (more than i have in weeks lol… it’s funny how productive one can be without internet… though there’s obvious downsides – can’t look much up for ex) on my revisions and then walked around and met some girls from the dorm who showed me around and chatted. we played some volleyball and i noticed a rainbow above the game for most of the time, which was nice. went to church with the dorm manager, who was preaching (it turned out to be just me, his two daughters, and the american missionary there that night, but the message was pretty good), and then we had dinner at his family’s room (and had breakfast there this morning as well).

today was a little disappointing in that it turns out we have none of the raw data here and people seem pretty reluctant to share it for some weird reason, but at least i got to meet the president of PCC and get connected with some people and get a book on medicinal plants here. i’ll be meeting one of the authors tomorrow when we head out to the farm/food production plant, which should be cool! also got to catch up on a ton of e-mails and fb and stuff this morning as i was waiting for someone so that was good i guess haha.

and phew i’m really tired again – not sure why. but it’s only like 7:40pm here. i thought i was adjusting ok since i’d finally started sleeping around 9-10pm, but guess not. ah well. this will be my first time attempting to walk from here back to the dorms and it’s dark already, so here’s to hoping i don’t get lost or something on the way. bye!