i found a cockroach in my suitcase last night as i was looking for some clothes, which was awesome (not.) chased it out and around for a bit until it squeezed between the closet and another cabinet. found out the cabinet was movable, so started rocking it when to my chagrin, another cockroach shot out from underneath it >.<!!! so had to chase that one down first since the other was still hiding between the two, and finally caught it under an overturned carton and slid it to the outside, and then after a while, finally got the other the same way. thereafter, i stuck papers underneath my door crack to hopefully prevent too many things from coming in in the future >.<.

today was also a day i unexpectedly became witness to castration of a pig. @___@ T___T >.<!!! the poor thing :((( was originally just going to watch the students plant bananas… little did i know they were also supposed to learn animal husbandry and stuff today as well… did not know that pigs sound kind of like horses whinnying when they squeal/scream. T___T i guess at least i got to meet a couple students. also got to take quite a few pictures (i purposefully did not take any of the castration process, though many of the students were video recording or taking pictures. felt it was something that should be left private :\)

i did learn how to transplant mini plants into tissue culture jars though. that was kind of cool, although the smell was kind of weird (they use something called Gel-brite (?) which looks like agar but smells really funky).

was going to be lazy but wanted to get on the internet so got my laptop and walked all the way here to the office just to get internet access lol. if i had to walk 10-15min every day for internet (=20-30 min roundtrip) back in the states, i’d be so much more fit lol. -.-|| i also think i’m already darker now than i was when i came a few days ago. definitely getting in that vitamin D haha.

ugh the people who i have to keep e-mailing b/c they never give out enough info keep telling me that i shouldn’t cc this or that person onto an e-mail b/c that person is “very busy” and i should talk to x person instead… when x person was the one who told me to contact them in the first place because they never got stuff from them either! ;lasdifj;alwiehtlaeirh sigh. rather frustrating.


on a completely separate note, on the way back down the mountain where the food production place was today, the radio (which was turned down very low and hard to hear over the voices in the car) turned out faint strains of Vitamin C’s “Graduation Song.” such a random thing to come on and such an old song… man, that was a trip. brought me straight back to 8th grade, when that song was playing, and then again to high school, and then also got me thinking again of course of the recent stuff that happened w/ brian and just overall nostalgia for a lot of things and people in my life. it’s kind of funny how applicable that song is, no matter what stage of life one is in, even though it was clearly meant for a high school graduation. i can’t believe i actually remembered all the lyrics too (after the first verse which i could barely hear). *sigh*.

sometimes i actually enjoy being alone like this in a new place. as i was walking back to the dorm room to grab my computer/drop off my camera, i was thinking that it was kind of nice being by myself – time to think, time to explore and do things on my own time without worrying if someone else would be bored or having to plan around other people. but occasionally when i think more about it, having someone to experience things with would probably be nice too.

ok i think i’m typed-out for the night. time to head back (hope it doesn’t rain on the way! and that no new bugs have sneaked in lol). bye!