welp, just wasted the day on the internet lol. pretty typical of what a day back in AL would have been like i guess haha. well, i DID spend most of the morning/early afternoon sending thank you msgs for Thanksgiving for people in the states, but afterwards was just mindlessness and surfing stuff. oh wait, speaking of surfing, there was a good hour or so devoted to figuring out whether i could wear my hard contacts for my first attempt at surfing tomorrow… i’m still not completely convinced it’s a good idea, but i do have a pair of really old, spare contacts that i can maybe wear instead and goggles, and maybe that will help? some stories of people being blind without them made me lol in real life though… mainly because for some reason i still find the phrase “blind as a bat” extremely funny (because it just brings to mind someone bumbling around blind, which is exactly what i’m like w/o glasses/contacts) and because some stories/comments regarding that were hilarious. so yeah… gonna try w/ the contacts i think haha XP.

… i just really hope i don’t develop blindness from a parasite or something…

also pretty excited because apparently they have free martial arts classes at the local gym! so will be trying that out tonight ^.^ i haven’t worked out in forever, so this will be nice ^.^

okies, heading out. bye!