well back from palau after the longest travel time ever @__@. 3am flight out of koror for ~5-6 hrs to korea, then ~8 hr layover (where i got to go on the 5 hr $11 transit tour into korea, which was pretty awesome! though also super cold) and then another 11-12 hr flight into SF, then 2-3 more hours to seattle… then overnight at a friend’s place, and then the next morning at the airport, found out my flight was cancelled due to weather, so was stranded in seattle until 3 days later (monday). @__@. that’s like a total of about 4-5 days >.<  at least i got to catch up with an old berkeley and old hs/paco friend while i was at it! and learned a new game called mage knight, which is SUPER complicated but i think might be fun in the long run.

first day in lab in a long time – felt good to do something productive, though i was also really bad at it T__T – messed up quite a few times >.<

also feel like all of a sudden kind of stuck in the middle of 3 guys. or like… 2.5 i guess. one (or two) dropped off talking while i was overseas, and then i got really close to someone on island and yeah… and now that i’m back, after not talking for a few weeks, one of the guys asked if i was doing anything for christmas, and whether i wanted someone to hang with, which i think implies he’s thinking of coming over, and i actually don’t have plans and it would actually be nice to spend it w/ someone, but it’s probably also not a good idea considering… blah.  i do feel a little bad about that – before i left i was the one kind of worried he’d find someone else, and i was like nah, there’s no way i’d find someone on an island in the middle of nowhere, and now… well. lol. T__T. meh.