the kind of nice thing about having one’s birthday up on fb (on top of the fact that it’s nice that people take a couple seconds to say happy birthday) is that it’s been a nice way for me to re-connect with people, at least just for a little bit. since i always make it a point to respond something to everyone who posts, sometimes it’s a chance to ask what they’re doing now and get a little insight into their lives, which is nice. especially for those who i haven’t talked to in forever, but still cared enough to post on my wall for my birthday. ^.^

i’m also kind of in a weird place right now with my feelings. i think something’s wrong with me. i seem to be kind of numb, or like… things that i feel like should be, or normally would be affecting me, don’t really seem to be. and i can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing (like, does it mean i’ve gotten more mature/able to reign in my feelings, or am i so depressed or messed up/don’t actually care that much that i’m beyond the point of even feeling anything?).  kind of concerning.

anyway, happy new year and here’s to hoping i can achieve all the things i’m hoping to achieve this year!