i freaking hate politics in science. it should be about the time spent, quality of work, and quality of writing for purposes of dissemination. it shouldn’t be about hiding this or that or trying to one-up each other for credit or wasting time with trying to weasel more information/work out of one person while withholding the most you can.

or maybe i’ve just been spoiled by uab. everyone says uab is a really “collegial” environment, and maybe i’ve just taken it for granted that people are really open about collaborating and sharing data and that’s just not what it’s like in the “real” world out there. maybe i’m just getting a taste of what science is actually like in most places.

well if that’s what it’s like… i’m almost to the point of saying “then maybe i don’t want to deal with that anymore.” seriously… if the “real” science world is all like this, that’s probably not something i want to fight for the rest of my life. it’s really not worth the stress i feel like… unless i can find something that is really interesting to work on that i can get others on board with and/or that can be really impactful for people. sigh.  we’ll see i guess.  feeling a lot better after i was able to talk to someone about it.

also found out my horn is broken now after the accident – almost had another collision b/c i couldn’t honk at a slow car merging into my lane on the highway, though yay for defensive driving to the rescue lol -.-||. so need to take the car to the shop tomorrow for estimates.

Ok, bye.