not gonna lie, it kind of bugs me that it’s so easy for people to perpetuate their own stereotypes/thoughts with the current media these days, given how biased reporting is.  this of course includes myself, as i know that if i’m ever so inclined to listen to daily news (which is not often) i have a tendency to watch things like the daily show, john oliver, and read stuff on fb newsfeed, which tends to mostly learn liberal, given my friend groups (though not always).  and of course i hate fox with a passion, but mainly because i feel like my IQ points are dropping every second i listen as they go on and on about things that don’t matter, like someone’s shoes or logic that doesn’t make sense.

anyways, why am i writing about this?  well, someone i work with mentioned she’d been periodically tuning into the inauguration today and i off-handedly mentioned that i was “boycotting” it (aka not watching it). little did i know what i would start lol.  but anyway, over the following discourse, it came out that 1) she didn’t seem to know about his nominees for positions, 2) she didn’t care that he lied about stuff because “hillary did it too” and she’d rather have the one who was “not a blatant liar” (… even though he blatantly lies too? i’m confused), 3) she didn’t care that much about concerns about climate change because “other countries don’t”, 4) she didn’t care about concerns from LGBT+ and racial groups about upticks in hate crime because “a president doesn’t have that much power, and [these anti-___ groups] always existed”, 5) “it’s not anything worse than locker room talk” and “i bet a lot of girls do chase after guys with money” and thought most of the lawsuits on sexual harrassment were lies,  6) it’s ok that that majority of trump’s foundation mostly benefits him directly because clinton’s foundation has used a small portion of the money for things it probably shouldn’t have and “all businessmen/politicians do that” (even though they are on such different scales they shouldn’t really even be compared), 7) that it’s ok that he’s calling out news stations for being “false news” just because people don’t agree with him because “there IS a lot of false news out there”… and 7) she had no idea about the entire issue about trump not releasing tax returns (or that all previous presidential candidates had – she even looked up hillary’s b/c she was skeptical) and did not seem to know how not all of his agency nominees undertook the ethics agreements (nor how they did not seem qualified for the jobs), or how he is the only president who is not putting his investments into a blind trust.

all of the above is pretty bad, but i think it was the last one that got me the most in a way, simply because that is such a HUGE thing that was brought up by the left, in the same way hillary’s e-mails were hounded upon by the right, and the fact that she knew one and was super vocal about it and didn’t know the other is quite astonishing.

bleh i have a lot more i want to say about this but not the brainpower to continue right now. (partly b/c i’ve just finished eating dinner and am way too full, and partly b/c i need to get back to working on my paper lol).

on the other hand, the kind of hilarious part about all this is that later, after our discussion, she admitted that the main reason she was watching the inauguration was b/c she was half-expecting someone to try to assassinate him LOL. (not LOL about any bodily harm coming to anyone b/c i don’t condone using violence to solve issues, just that after such a heated exchanged, it’s kind of funny that the whole reason this discussion started was actually b/c of that reason. -.-||)