ok so this is probably a silly thing to get kinda giddy about, but i just e-mailed a PI who came to visit our institution yesterday as a speaker for our seminar, and at the lunch after, when we were discussing his research, i brought up the idea of fructose priming maybe being the cause of why fructose in the breast milk was associated with increased infant obesity. he seemed interested in the idea at the time, especially relating to a study he had pointed out on fructose and adipogenesis during his talk, so i went ahead and looked up that paper today (out of interest myself as well to read those findings, as it had been in my notes to look up later anyway), and e-mailed him about it.

he responded pretty quickly and ended the correspondence with: “So glad you brought this idea to my attention and will pursue this with more thought and add it to our paper. THANKS!!”

first off, it’s pretty freaking awesome that a PI, especially one who is pretty well established (apparently he has been involved in ~300 papers) is even responding to a random thought from a grad student.  but with his e-mail, it sounds like he really valued that input, and that it might even appear in his paper, which is really cool! it makes me feel like i’ve made a small contribution to science ^.^ and also that my thoughts/analytical/synthesis skills are valuable, which i guess actually is a rather encouraging feeling, especially coming from a scientist.  i feel like i don’t get that … respect?… a lot, especially among peers, at least in the scientific community, so that was nice.

as a side note, it was pretty awesome also to get a “THANKS!!” in all caps and not just one, but TWO exclamation points.  that almost NEVER happens, especially with well-known (male) PI’s I feel like. or maybe i just haven’t made people that happy/excited with my e-mails in the past enough XP but yeah. pretty happy right now, even though it was something small haha. ^.^ thank you for the encouragement dr. g!