how weird is it that the most unbiased news/facts we’re getting is through comedy shows like john oliver, or the daily show, or stephen colbert?

at the same time, technology and social media has gotten so crazy that we can guesstimate crowd sizes by satellite imagery, people could find a picture of trump via twitter and other social media in <24 hours (and people have also found sexual predators the same way), and we were able to organize simultaneous women’s marches across all 7 continents on the same day to protest all the anti-women (and other) sentiment the new president and his admin represent.

we’re living in a world where a (i’m pretty convinced could be medically diagnosed from the DSM-IV) narcissistic personality disordered person has somehow been elected president of the US and within the first week has already demonstrated his instability and danger not only to americans, but the rest of the world, as we had suspected, and is causing some further polarization… and yet probably largely because of it, we have also seen more unity across the nation, and even parts of the world, to work in opposition to that. people who never even wanted to be involved in politics (other scientists and myself included) are now speaking out and starting to run for office, and my both my FB newsfeeds has transformed towards a large political debate and personal stories that speak to how these policies are affecting peoples lives. it’s kind of cool actually to see how passionate my generation is.  (also interesting is how one FB tends to mostly be one say and the other tends to go the other way.  one FB also predominantly is white and from AL, and tends to be on the side of less education, while the other is from all over (though mainly west coast and now some AL) but mostly minorities and with higher education. it probably isn’t hard to guess which is which. -.-||)

some part of me actually wonders… maybe this was part of God’s plan all along.  It’s said that God puts rulers in their place (and of course, can also remove them), so maybe the reason Trump was allowed to power was so that there could be radicalized change that would not have happened under Hillary (and the whole DNC thing with Sanders was maybe another stepping stone towards this movement).  maybe this is the stimulus for revolution that was needed, and we can expose the dangers of an increasingly capitalistic, self-centered way of thinking through the actions of a man who is the epitome of a narcissistic personality disorder in the seat of one with one of the highest positions in the nation/world. the damage and turmoil he is causing within 1 week of his presidency should show that this is not the path for america, and not the path for the world to take. so it is my hope that either he will repent and truly turn to Christ (though I, as a sinner, feel kind of awkward saying that as it sounds sort of as if i’m more righteous…) or that God, through all of this, is actually using him to turn the nation back towards Him.