omg lol. after just watching haikyuu, i watched blue exorcist season 2 to catch up, and then started twin star exorcist on a whim due to a poster i got at AWA and… at the end of episode 1 arima shows up and i’m like… wait… that sounds so much like oikawa… it CAN’T be daisuke namikawa can it… and then in ep 2 when he shows up proper, i was like this is TOO CLOSE for it NOT to be him… and it totally is. XDDD @___@. HOW CAN THIS PERSON BE THE SAME PERSON AS THE GUY WHO VOICES JELLAL LOLOLOL T_____T.

… LOL wow. the two characters played by the VA’s for oikawa and tobio in haikyuu have almost the same relationship in this show. arima seems to be there to annoy the other shimon. XD