so apparently, only 4 members of OUAT’s cast has begun negotiations for season 7 – the actors for Emma, Hook, Rumple, and Regina.  Is it sad that I’m actually pretty happy about that, since those are basically the only 4 I watch for?  I’ve been sick of Belle, Robin Hood and even Snow and Charming, plus a ton of other characters, for at least a couple seasons, so I’m actually kind of glad they’ll be gone.  Although honestly even Emma’s been kinda getting annoying, and as good an actor as Hook is, their storyline is just getting kind of stale.  Or maybe the show as a whole has been getting stale.  I don’t know.  Hopefully they’ll end season 6 relatively conclusively and if they do get a fresh start in season 7, I hope it’s better than it’s been.

Anyway!  Submitted my revision on Friday!!! And spent all of yesterday with some other MSTP students, plus Ravi and Leon, at Six Flags in Georgia!  That was fun, other than the fact that stuff KEPT GETTING IN MY CONTACTS so it was like very painful for half the day and during most of the rides >.<.  But it was a good bonding experience, and I haven’t gone to an amusement park in at least 5-6 years so it was nice.  We also went to this really delicious African place for dinner – my first time eating African food! – called Bamba Cuisine, and yeah. SO good ^.^

Ok, time to get back on track with work… only < 2 months left!!! ALSJFALWEHTLIEHwr