sigh. sometimes i wonder why we’re even still talking. from a practical, logical standpoint, it’s really kind of pointless. nothing’s going to go anywhere, we have different lives and once either of us gets an SO, there’s not really a point in investing into the friendship since we’re literally never seeing each other again, and it’s not like it’s a very important friendship to keep once the feelings are gone since we have very little common ground. i don’t know. it’s such a weird relationship.  in what kind of friendship do you say good morning and good night every day, and ask about the other’s day, thank each other when you’re considerate towards the other person, and yet are fairly superficial about the rest?  it’s just so odd. most friendships are natural – you just contact whenever you feel like it, you talk normally, and when the convo drops, you just let it die until the next time you have something to say.  this falls into the weird realm of “best friend” but with the polite tenterhooks of an acquaintance/a weird layer of distance at the same time.  blah i don’t know.  i’m so confused and it feels weird and i don’t like it when things feel weird.