it’s a little weird to me how people think it’s “adulting” to pay bills or have a credit card (that they pay without overcharging) or deciding not to buy certain things/going to a con, or buying a place and stuff.  ok, the last one maybe, but it’s also weird b/c back in the day i was taught not to flaunt your properties and money and things and now it seems like that’s all people are doing just so they can get likes (where back in the day it was like uh just keep that on the dl cuz people don’t need to know that and people might want to steal from you/think you’re richer than you are = causes issues if they want to borrow money from you etc).  but yeah i don’t know. i’ve been paying bills since college (granted, back then it was money my parents gave me, which i realize is a step up than a lot of people had, but it at least taught using money responsibly from a long time ago) and it doesn’t really seem like it should be that big a deal to you know, be fiscally responsible. also, people complain about our stipend being very low, so i imagine there are friends making more than me even around here, but they seem to always be “broke” somehow and needing to scrimp and save so they won’t go out to eat and need to sell old cosplays or just random junk they have… and yet they’re also the ones who get the newest figurine or gadget or subscriptions or commissioned stuff, or who party all the time, and i’m like… i think maybe it’s not that you’re not making enough money… maybe you’re just spending an unnecessarily high amount on things that are not actually useful in your life… -.-|| sigh.